If you are a Brazilian fan than the semi final between Germany and Brazil must had gotten hard on you. Both teams were measured on equal weight and while Brazil was missing their two crucial players Neymar and Tiago, Germany were fanaticizing their chances of a win.

However, the match proved a classic example of sudden failure which could take you by storm. What happen on the field wasn’t expected by anyone. A catastrophe appears and struck Brazilian team with such a brutal force that they were not even given the second chance to recover from the sheer momentum of the disaster. Though millions of Brazilian fans take this humiliating defeat as a matter of pride and smugness; there was something much more important to learn from this classical and historic world cup semi final between Germany and Brazil.

“Win and loss is part of the game” – it is the common notion heard across the
sporting world, however looking from a business perspective one will realize there is much more to learn from this match than mere discontentment. What we really could take from FIFA 2014 semi-final between Germany and Brazil is that you can fantasy your repute and past performance to predict the future prospects. Another thing that can be taken from the match is that you ought to protect your valuable assets for always as you can’t afford to lose them (especially on big occasions).

Now let’s see it from a business perspective where you are required to consistently concentrate on your business performance and protect your valuable assets if you are to maintain a steady growth in business. Just like team Brazil lost two valuable assets right at the last moment, a sudden loss of your IT network can result in similar disastrous situation for your business.

So, start protecting your valuable business possessions today so you don’t have to undergo any adversity in business world. Networks360 is a professional IT network management company that protects valuable assets of your business so you can relax and can ensure consistent growth of your business.




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