In the digital age, there will always be risks. From corporate breaches that expose our sensitive information like credit card numbers to hackers and thieves to viruses that hijack our computers. Now we can add cars to that list of worries. Wired magazine enlisted the help of a couple of hackers to test the susceptibility […]

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In the digital age, emails are sent by the millions every day around the world. Some people worry about the level of security offered in that digital parcel, as evidenced by numerous outcries in the wake of privacy invasions. People want to know that their personal correspondence is secure and safe from prying eyes. In […]

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Up until recently, it was almost impossible to build a website without a team of professional coders and designers. That is not the case anymore. Almost anyone who can use a keyboard and a mouse can build their own website; this has prompted a torrent of bloggers, DIY enthusiasts and reviewers to setup websites on […]

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Backdoors on cryptography has been a hot issue for many months now. The issue was raised after the Obama Administration and the NSA encouraged the development and implementation of cryptographic backdoor technologies. The proposed technology was heavily rebuked by researchers and tech experts who questioned the necessity and efficiency of such backdoor technologies. Several IT companies […]

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JOOMLA is one of the most prioritized, convenient and free open source content ma nagement systems. The system was initially written in PHP and released in 2005. However, myriad features were added through CMS published content which significantly increase its abilities. In this article we will take you through different aspects of CMS. Today, JOOMLA is […]

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Developer prefers MySQL for its performance, scalability and user-friendliness. MyISAM was the default storage engine for database in MySQL versions prior to 5.5. However InnoDB is the default database storage engine in MySQL version 5-5. The change in default storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB has seen wide appreciation owing to its significant enhancements for […]

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Businesses are facing a tough situation since Microsoft’s announcement of the end of extended support for its Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Simply put, there won’t be any more patches or updates for Windows Server 2003. Before announcing the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003, Microsoft had also withdrawn its support […]

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Christmas Celebration Attire A bohemian wedding blue prom dresses ceremony gown is the choice to the standard marriage ceremony robes. Ball attire meant for comfort while low-cost attractive ball clothes nz each of these continue to keep, go through the material belonging to the costume, particularly usually the rooms of the skeleton the very best […]

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Best Child Celebration Attire Of All Time When a teen girl has a reason to dress up, she wants the right evening gown to fit the event. It seems prom-bound high school girls have created a neat solution for such issues within the type of Fb groups with names like Do not Steal My Lengthy […]

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Finest Child Occasion Clothes Of All Time When a teen girl has a reason to decorate up, she wants the right night gown to fit the occasion. It seems promenade-sure highschool women have created a neat resolution for such problems in the type of Fb teams with names like Do not Steal My Lengthy Prom […]

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