As our world continues to grow and develop, many societies have learned through trial and error to embrace both women and their rights. Many have allowed for women to pursue an education, a career, and a life outside of outdated patriarchal limitations. Not only that, but more and more women are free to choose between being an independent business woman, being a full-time mom, or being a mixture of both.

Woman’s struggle for equality, however, is still far from being over. In many underdeveloped countries, women are still being faced with the same oppression that took women in other parts of the world so long to dispel. Even in leading nations were women are better protected by their governments are women still often subject to discrimination, lower pay rates, and gender-related violence.

This fight is not just for women, however. A fight for equality is a fight for humanity, and in this sense, the efforts of both men and women are just as equal.

From March 8th (International Woman’s Day) until March 15th, Networks360 will donate 5% of all profits to go towards the betterment of women. Help us not only to celebrate this important day, but to make a stand for those who have not yet been given the opportunity to.




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