Backdoors on cryptography has been a hot issue for many months now. The issue was raised after
the Obama Administration and the NSA encouraged the development and implementation of cryptographic backdoor technologies. The proposed technology was heavily rebuked by researchers and tech experts who questioned the necessity and efficiency of such backdoor technologies. Several IT companies and organizations contacted the President’s office, elucidating their position on compromising cryptography for the sake of national security.

The letter urged the President to reject any proposal to give backdoor cryptographic access to NSA and other agencies. Furthermore, the companies were in favor of adapting strong security and encryption.

The president was also reminded of the loss borne by US companies in foreign markets on perceptions of NSA arms.. As a matter of fact, foreign companies and organizations are quite reluctant to work with US companies as they consider them to be in compliance with the NSA – giving access of private data to the NSA in the name of national security. The situation gets even worse for companies dealing with sensitive data. Strict retention and data access laws observed by EU prohibit European businesses from dealing with US companies. The secrecy maintained by US agencies on this shrouded aspect has only added to the already compromised perception of US companies.

The backdoor impasse

The problem will be resolved once the US Government compromises on security standards; countries with weaker civil rights liberties will naturally follow suit. The internet is already being used as an unprecedented tracking tool, and encryption backdoors and intentional openness in security features will only aggravate the situation.




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