Backdoors on cryptography has been a hot issue for many months now. The issue was raised after the Obama Administration and the NSA encouraged the development and implementation of cryptographic backdoor technologies. The proposed technology was heavily rebuked by researchers and tech experts who questioned the necessity and efficiency of such backdoor technologies. Several IT companies […]

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Businesses are facing a tough situation since Microsoft’s announcement of the end of extended support for its Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Simply put, there won’t be any more patches or updates for Windows Server 2003. Before announcing the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003, Microsoft had also withdrawn its support […]

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Finest Child Occasion Clothes Of All Time When a teen girl has a reason to decorate up, she wants the right night gown to fit the occasion. It seems promenade-sure highschool women have created a neat resolution for such problems in the type of Fb teams with names like Do not Steal My Lengthy Prom […]

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Best Child Celebration Attire Of All Time When a teen girl has a reason to dress up, she wants the right evening gown to fit the event. It seems prom-bound high school girls have created a neat solution for such issues within the type of Fb groups with names like Do not Steal My Lengthy […]

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Christmas Celebration Attire A bohemian wedding blue prom dresses ceremony gown is the choice to the standard marriage ceremony robes. Ball attire meant for comfort while low-cost attractive ball clothes nz each of these continue to keep, go through the material belonging to the costume, particularly usually the rooms of the skeleton the very best […]

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Tissage De Cheveux Naturels 100% Remy Virgin Human Hair Brazilian Body Wave Although these lamps are very pricey originally however we reproduce the same arco ground lamps, that are near authentic and we sale these lamps at very low-cost rate compared to the unique arco floor lamps in retail. Additionally, with your low cost wigs” […]

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WordPress has become one of the preferred content management platform for developers. With a overwhelming developer community and competent service and support, more and more developers are choosing WordPress as their preferred platform. Before getting massive appreciation and acceptance as a development platform, WordPress was more commonly known as a free blogging site. In fact, […]

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Palm Treo was probably the first experience of users with the power and impact of smart phones. Though that was an antique peace with dated technology (as compared to what we are used to today), still being the first of its kind, the phone certainly rang the bells in minds of buyers who started to […]

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Marketing war has a new battleground and it’s on cyberspace. Large corporations and enterprises are establishing their market supremacy while battling it out over cyberspace. The battle is getting intense as new competitors are claiming their place in industry challenging old horses and revolutionizing the legends of marketing. So far so good for end users […]

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Lately we have been discussing benefits users can avail while opting for WordPress as their content management system. Previously we have been looking at the utility and efficacy of WordPress as a dedicated CMS platform, today we will be looking at some more positive aspects of WordPress especially with reference to overall functionalities and search […]

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