Firewalls have been around since the early days of the internet. Simply put, a firewall is designed to protect a computer or network from intrusions ­­­ people or programs trying to break into your computer or network. Most computers come pre-equipped with a firewall, and these help reduce the number of unwanted intrusions, but they […]

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Do you know what the difference is between internet and intranet? Or intranet and Extranet? They all sound about the same, and they all involve the interconnectivity of computers, but they also have very different purposes and operating areas. We’ll explore some of the similarities and differences between these three terms, giving you an idea […]

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Having a network for your business can vastly improve efficiency, allowing you to send instant communications, files, and other data quickly and easily within the building. In order to achieve the full potential of this efficiency, one needs to have an efficient network infrastructure. The network infrastructure is the actual hardware associated with your network. […]

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The vastness of the internet is reshaping the role of network engineers. When the
internet was still in its infancy during the mid 90s, network engineers were the people who
connected the world to itself.

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Ransomware is not a new cyber security threat, but it is becoming increasingly prevalent. The way ransomware works is that an infected computer becomes locked ...

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