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Today, we are witnessing unprecedented growth of business and technology in ever sphere of science, management, technology, art etc. Businesses are facing harsh competition and are in constant struggle to capture market from their peers. In this era of strict competition the only thing that can save business repute and make them capture market is […]

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If you are a Brazilian fan than the semi final between Germany and Brazil must had gotten hard on you. Both teams were measured on equal weight and while Brazil was missing their two crucial players Neymar and Tiago, Germany were fanaticizing their chances of a win. However, the match proved a classic example of […]

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The weather is getting messy; as Houston has been facing storms and rains over the last week. The wet conditions demands extra precautionary measures from citizens for their own and for the safety of other members of society. Among many other precautionary measures that needed to be implemented at local level, precautionary measures for traffic […]

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Palm Treo was probably the first experience of users with the power and impact of smart phones. Though that was an antique peace with dated technology (as compared to what we are used to today), still being the first of its kind, the phone certainly rang the bells in minds of buyers who started to […]

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Happy Womens Day Houston

As our world continues to grow and develop, many societies have learned through trial and error to embrace both women and their rights. Many have allowed for women to pursue an education, a career, and a life outside of outdated patriarchal limitations. Not only that, but more and more women are free to choose between […]

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SEO is abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of creating your web pages can be found, read and indexed by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). SEO makes your website and its pages attractive and visible to search engines and to web Searchers. Why SEO is Important? Let’s consider what gonna be happened if […]

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