WordPress has become one of the preferred content management platform for developers. With a overwhelming developer community and competent service and support, more and more developers are choosing WordPress as their preferred platform. Before getting massive appreciation and acceptance as a development platform, WordPress was more commonly known as a free blogging site. In fact, […]

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The weather is getting messy; as Houston has been facing storms and rains over the last week. The wet conditions demands extra precautionary measures from citizens for their own and for the safety of other members of society. Among many other precautionary measures that needed to be implemented at local level, precautionary measures for traffic […]

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Palm Treo was probably the first experience of users with the power and impact of smart phones. Though that was an antique peace with dated technology (as compared to what we are used to today), still being the first of its kind, the phone certainly rang the bells in minds of buyers who started to […]

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Outsourcing IT managed services brings whole lot of benefits for businesses. Below we will be looking at some great aspects of outsourcing IT managed services for businesses. Get Hold of IT Costs Maintaining a competent IT department can prove costly for businesses, especially for small and medium businesses, that can’t afford a full time IT […]

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Marketing war has a new battleground and it’s on cyberspace. Large corporations and enterprises are establishing their market supremacy while battling it out over cyberspace. The battle is getting intense as new competitors are claiming their place in industry challenging old horses and revolutionizing the legends of marketing. So far so good for end users […]

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Lately we have been discussing benefits users can avail while opting for WordPress as their content management system. Previously we have been looking at the utility and efficacy of WordPress as a dedicated CMS platform, today we will be looking at some more positive aspects of WordPress especially with reference to overall functionalities and search […]

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Among numerous content management systems that are being used in the industry, there are few that have come out to be as prodigious as WordPress. One can debate over the utility and feasibility of different platforms for specific websites, for instance utility of Weebly for a good-looking brochure site or the utility of JOOMLA for […]

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Pictures are right at the heart of any web design project. Designers are always after quality pictures that not only adhere to the overall theme of website but also add the niche of exquisiteness and attractiveness to the website. Like anything else that we might need to find on cyberspace, pictures can also easily be […]

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There has been an old saying in industry, “content is king”. People associated with search engine optimization industry would certainly be aware of the significance of content and its impact on overall optimization process. There are thousands and thousands of online businesses operating across the globe, each of these businesses want to capture market as […]

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 Talking from a user’s perspective, there is a serious buzz being echoed in the industry about the responsibility of encryption and to “whom” this should be tasked? Once again, the real concern isn’t about the technology to be used, rather it’s the privacy and legality of the issue that has been raised over again and […]

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